What the cognescenti are saying:

“Todd McCagg is one the greatest guys I know and one of the best guitar repair technicians I have ever met. There is no one better to get your instruments repaired, customized, or tweaked. His knowledge and skills run very, very deep.” Stuart Spector (President-Spector Musical Instruments) http://www.spectorbass.com

“Todd is one of the best guitar repair technicians we have ever met. He is extremely nice to work with. He really knows music and the guitar. His knowledge, skill, and passion for what he does is evident in all his work. He worked on our guitars and made them go from sounding okay to spectacular. Our guitars didn’t sound that good even when we bought them brand new. I would 100% recommend Todd.” Red November – Brooke Bochinski & Chrissy Carr, Towson, MD

I’ve known Todd for over a decade and, in that time, he has been my go-to-guy for all things music. Todd can do it all from changing strings to installing pickups to producing albums. He’s a great guy with great talent! Steve Errera (International Man of Mystery)

“Todd has a passion for all things guitar.  His work is smart, precise, and affordable.  He has kept all my guitars playing their best for more than 10 years.” Matt Peroutka, Certified Music Practitioner and guitarist extraordinaire http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mattperoutka

“There are only two people who I trust enough to do the maintenance work on my acoustic guitars… one of them is Todd McCagg, the other one is dead.” Chuck Cobb, acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter/old friend.  Note: Chuck passed away June 25, 2015 He is missed by so many. That jam band in heaven got way better sounding.

“You don’t leave your children with just anybody and the same goes with your guitar. You want to put your faith in someone who is reliable, knowledgable and an expert when it comes taking care of your baby. As a professional full time guitarist I can say that Todd McCagg is just that person. Todd has taken care of instruments for years and has always done a superb, first rate job. On top of that he’s friendly, courteous and a great communicator. You’ll be glad you made him your go-to guy when it comes to having that instrument of yours taken care of. I highly recommend him.” Toby Walker (award winning guitarist and instructor) http://www.littletobywalker.com

“I’ve worked with Todd on a numerous variety of musical projects. He has an incredible wealth of technical knowledge and a tight network forged over years in the music business. I’ve trusted him to repair my guitars, recommend gear, record my music, and perform with me. He has always been professional, friendly, and fair. I consider myself fortunate to get to work with him.” Garrett Anderson (Singer/Songwriter, guitarist) http://garrettandersonmusic.wordpress.com

“I can say with 100% confidence that all the work I have had done by Todd at The Fret Factor has been fantastic. I have had everything from basic setups, fret work, pickup swap outs and everything in-between and I have never been disappointed. Always competitive pricing and masterful workmanship. You won’t be sorry.” Chris Wojtal Guitar and Vocals for Dropping Sully http://droppingsully.com


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