String Redux/Fingerboard Cleaning Pad

I didn’t invent this, and, in fact, you can buy this yourself in a quantity you probably would NOT want to buy yourself. I am giving it away FREE! Why?

The Pad

  • It works really well to clean the fingerboard, removing buildup and funk, and it’s a great way to apply Fingerboard Serum.
  • Will NOT scratch wood or frets
  • The Fingerboard Cleaning Pad will remove the “green tarnish” that happens to German nickel silver frets WITHOUT scratching
  • Even on strings that only have 1-2 hours on them, this pad removes grime, finger gunk and brings strings that you thought were new back to life, quickly and easily
  • Restores bright tone**

 Click here to see it in action.

**OK, let’s be honest. I lifted this idea from a good friend, Stuart Spector. He used to include a similar pad (he never told me exactly what he was using but I had a pretty good idea) with his Spector Bass Strings. Awesome basses and top shelf strings (I use his SS taper set on my Spector BOB-5 bass and won’t use anything else). Seems some bass sets went to Bali (yup, the place kinda South of Indonesia) where bass strings last about 22 minutes from the humidity. Stuart is now thought of as a God-like entity and is worshipped amongst happy Bali Bassists.