Ibanez Artcore AWD-83

A new aquisition belonging to friend/client Chris Falcon of Dropping Sully. http://droppingsully.com

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Download the before and after video, click here: Artcore Video

An Ibanez Artcore AWD-83 semi-hollow. Brings me back to the day of the AM-50 we used to sell at That Music Store in the late 70s-early 80s.

Big issues were:

Fret wear/funk

Desperate need of a setup (truss rod was NEVER adjusted or tightened-you can tell by the rubbing compound “cake” inside the allen slot)

Ditto new strings (Dogal Chromes .010)

Patch/fix of an old and VERY questionable strap button repair

BETTER than new now!

Enjoy Chris!

The fret job reminded me of a very common ill these days in Chinese and many production guitars: Lousy fret work. Many factories are doing a fret level but they aren’t doing the “crown” part of the level and crown. What you wind up with is a flat fret top. This causes the player to press that much harder on the string. That causes the fret to wear more quickly.

HEY what am I doin??? Never mind… Keep doing it that way. I am pretty good at doing fret work and it pays pretty decent too!

Other issue with the fret leveling is that (you can see it in the before photos) the leveling is done between the E1 and E6 but NOT at the ends of the frets. I guess that saves a whole bunch of time and looks, to the untrained eye, like they make the whole effort.

Guitar plays like a champ!