Ibanez Bass

Ibanez SoundGear made in Korea with MM placed Humbucking pickup. Came in with stock pre that only boosted low end and the low end was “hollow” and lacking fundamental. Customer wanted more fundamental and more versatility. The solution, EMG BTC control, which I have been putting in basses for a very long time (decades). Great product and very straight forward install. Not that I have forgotten, but every time that I do an EMG install I am always SO impressed with the packaging, the instructions/directions, the quality of components-design-mfr, noiselessness, and the TONE!

You will hear FOUR samples of each of 3 passages.

  1. 2 octave G scale
  2. Carol Kaye lick from The Cosby Show (original show soundtrack)
  3. Some noodling in E.

Settings used for each sample

  1. Original electronics
  2. BTC installed, both controls flat
  3. BTC, both controls just slightly up
  4. BTC, bass boost max, treble cut max

Ibanez BTC