USA Strat

One of my new clients brought me a Gibson Songwriter that he had problems getting set up to his liking at a local indy shop (name withheld to protect the guilty). I guess it’s playing pretty well now after a Level and Crown and Setup, as he brought 2 more pretty cool guitars for some major work. Seems that these guitars were kept at a house on Hermosa Beach CA and have been needing some “freshening” for a while now. RUST, major fret divots, Level and Crown required, Setup BADLY needed, ALL metalwork needed replacing or major refurb, and (I am pretty sure unbeknownst to the client) the 5 way was not working properly (it was more like a 4 way). Here are some Before and After snaps. Not my usual A.R. photo work (anal) as the guitar demanded my full attention (but I AM loving this Lumix DMC-SZ1 as recommended by Greg Mackie!) just some cropping and off I went, so please be forgiving.

Took some time but I was able to locate a very clean set of used Fender/Schaller 2 pin MANY THANKS to Steve Dollinger from Music Solutions in Bollingbrook IL. On my recommendation, we went with the new Wilkinson Trem System WVSII 50 which I really quite like. Had to fill some pick guard holes here and there. Audio files to follow after lunch, the new puppy demands some attention. Next on the hit parade for the client is a Gibson 333 that need similar work, but thinking we can do without the level and crown.

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