X Pickups vs. Fender Noiseless Vintage

From time to time, when I HAVE time, I’ll post some sound bites of A/B tests, etc. Here is an A/B of a couple of Strats, both with trem, both with Ash bodies and similar necks. Both guitars recently setup and both with .010″ sets. Both through a Black Face clean with a touch of reverb.

That a Vintage Fender P with flats through an SVT. And a canned drummer via Logic Pro.


Measure 1 Drum lead in

2-3 X Neck
4-5 Fender Neck
6-7 X Neck Again
8-9 Fender Neck Mid
10-11 X Neck Mid
12-13 Fender Mid
14-15 X Mid
16-17 Fender Mid Bridge
18-19 X Mid Bridge
20-25 Fender Bridge Only
26-28 X Bridge Only