Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser

Ever hear of a band called Sly and the Family Stone? How about their bassist, vocalist and bass trend setter LARRY GRAHAM (Graham Central Station) who is THE guy who started Slapping and Popping. This is one of the pedals that, in the day, Larry used for many of his Signature Sounds!

This is ALL original. NO MODS OR REPAIRS have ever been done except for a good cleaning and the potentiometers and switches have been cleaned. NO STATIC. NO CLICKS OR POPS, just lot and lots of PURE VINTAGE PHASE-O-RAMA!!!


Roland Jet Phaser AP-7 - 1 (1)

I have seen this pedal sell for $695 on the web, Reverb site specifically and many of the eBay offerings are missing knobs, don’t work, missing screws, have been worked on, “loose jacks”… YOU NAME IT. This one is in 100% working order.

From the depths of the web:

Roland engineered the Jet Phaser to feature a range of combined Fuzz/ Phase effects. When the “Jet” function is selected, you’d have to fight the pedal’s nature, to feature a subtle sound quality. Hint: The Jet reference is all-telling, in this context. There’s a wide range of phaser effects available on their own, but Jet flavored distortion was designed to be front & center. You can adjust it to be more defined, or distinctly enormous.

Once selected, the phase effect always stays on, that’s the phaser part of the effect. (The Jet can be turned on and off at will). The phaser’s settings are also switchable, between fast & slow speeds; these transition slowly, as if being accomplished physically, emulating Leslie rotating speakers, used with Hammond Organs. It’s clearly more musical to have this option on board: a much more “alive” quality. Instant on/off of many similar pedals, insults the quality of their modulating effects.