A sad day today…

Funny the way this hit me today, me being 65 and NOT in love with that today. I’m super down, sad, sick (stomach thing… a bi-weekly event the last two), depressed and lonely, without Louise here to console me. It’s her Nashville week. If you’re one of my musician homey’s, please read on…

Today’s Word?

One of the 1st 45s I bought with my own 59ยข on, The Twist by Chubby Checker. Later that afternoon, it was twisting with Barbara Stiriz at her house off of Commack Rd in North Babylon. That was 1962 and I was 11-12 I think. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in school. Or was that the most beautiful girl in school who wanted me to come over and twist with her!?


So when Chubby Checker was doing The Twist and Sam Cooke was Twistin The Night Away, I got turned on to a sound that I didn’t understand at the time, but resonated SO strongly with me. New Orleans. THAT would come to be a life long relationship from Pete Fountain and Al Hirt (thanks to my dad John B McCagg) to present day Neville Brothers, with some Beausoleil and Allen Toussaint in between!

Barb put on Walkin’ To NOLA from her MOM’S 45 collection! WHAT A SOUND!!!


Took me SO long to get with that sound and “get” that sound. Stuart Spector KNOWS what I’m talking about. HE HAS that certain je ne sais quoi in his playing style that only comes from a MAD affinity for this amazingly American style of music. “They” (WTF are THEY anyway?) say that jazz is the ONLY American Music. Holy shit are they wrong. NOLA is a whole 2 semesters of Modern Musicology!!!

Back to my blankey and pepto.